What is Advaita Soma Kriyashakti™ (ASK™)?

The Direct Path to Bliss

Soma means nectar, Kri means to act, ya means expansion and Shakti means Divine Cosmic Energy.

Most of Spiritual practices prove to be ineffective in the long run, because they don’t understand the basic nature of one’s mind ~ which is to seek and be entertained. The mind is a wanderer, no doubt, and needs to be disciplined and trained. Hence most practices advocate watchfulness (being aware) along with tools to develop focus and concentration (meditation) but often that results in a “fight” with the mind. If the mind doesn’t cooperate it will eventually result in frustration. Hence we must provide the mind with something it will always remain interested in. That which will keep the mind “locked up” at one place so that Self inquiry and Kriyas are easy to perform. That is SOMA.

Soma finds special mention in the Rig Veda. The Rig Veda (8.47.3) says :

apama somam amrita abhuma

aganma jyotir avidama devan

kim nunam asman krnavad aratih

kim u dhurtir amrta martiyasta

Ralph T.H. Griffith translates this as :

We have drunk Soma and become immortal; we have attained the light, the Gods discovered.

Now what may foeman’s malice do to harm us?

What, O Immortal, mortal man’s deception?

Soma means sweet nectar. The practice of Soma Kriyashakti involves stimulation of a chemical produced at the top of the brain, consuming which, the activities of the mind are arrested and it becomes fully absorbed in the present moment. The mind thereby assists us in our spiritual pursuits as distractions are very few when the mind is in the natural state of intoxication.

In short, the act of consuming the inner nectar, through mastery of The Life Force within us, constitutes the essence of Advaita Soma Kriyashakti (ASK) teachings or simply, Kriyashakti teachings.

The 3 main confirmations of the ASK™ teachings are :

1) Realizing without doubt that Brahman (manifest and unmanifest) is ever and forever FAVORABLE
2) Realizing without doubt that any unfavorableness experienced is only temporary and a distortion arising due to inherent limitations of ones own perceptions, and
3) Absolute realization and control over the process of dechemicalization of the brain leading to SOMAcalization of the Spiritual centre within the brain.

How is the Advaita Soma Kriyashakti (ASK™) path different from the paths laid down by Self Inquiry (Atma Vichara) and Kriya Yoga?

SELF Inquiry vs Advaita Soma Kriyashakti (ASK™) :

SELF Inquiry or Atma Vichara involves exclusively holding onto the subjective feeling of “I” or “I-Am” within us by asking the question, “To whom is this happening?” or “Who is this I?” No verbal answers are encouraged, and only the feeling of pure I-ness is emphasized, usually at the background of all experiences. Though the method is extremely effective in perceiving and beholding the “experiencer of all experiences” at the background, it does so in the exclusive sense. There will therefore be an inherent sense of separateness between “what is” at the foreground and the SELF at the background.

A practitioner will often find himself struggling or fighting against his natural tendencies and urges or forcibly remove himself from situations that could “compromise” his abidance in Self. This can often result in conflict. Any conflict will eventually lead to contraction and hence the path can get difficult for most who want to enjoy the world as well as continue to deepen their awareness in SELF. Moreover, the I AM sense (the traditional way), which is felt through letting go of thoughts, stories, emotions is just a temporary relief one gets from such dropping and is not sustainable for longer period of time. Unity in everything and in everyone is what we seek, not separation, withdrawal or removal.

The nectar of Soma is known to be present in SELF as well as in all aspects of our life, equally in all relationships, in all objects, in all forms of pleasures and in all forms of activities and hence it doesn’t require any strategic withdrawal or avoidance from the world to necessitate Self abidance.

The Kriyashakti path is not an exclusive path but an inclusive one whereby nothing in this world is regarded as detrimental to one’s state of background awareness and nothing needs to be avoided or escaped from to facilitate deeper Self abidance as long as practices are backed by proper understanding and experience. What is therefore required is an understanding of Truth supported by Experience of that understanding as SAT CHIT ANANDA itself.

To summarize the difference between Advaita Soma Kriyashakti™ (ASK™) and traditional Self Inquiry, we can say that the Kriyashakti form of Self Inquiry is not so much about seeking the “I” (for the “I”, the SELF, is never lost in the first place) but about the mind being captivated by inner bliss and joy (Soma) so that the veils or distractions that cover the “I” are naturally removed for the “I” to appear effortlessly.

All is realized as Soma (blissful nectar of Self) and through the 5-step KS method, ever expands into more Soma.

Kriya Yoga vs Advaita Soma Kriyashakti (ASK™) :

Kriya Yoga is a specific Yogic breathing method through which life force is raised through the six Chakras in the spine. The 6 Chakras are energy centers within the spine that connect to the nervous system. There is the central nervous system and then there is the peripheral nervous system. The central nervous system connects the spine to the brain whilst the peripheral relates to the nerves that branch out of the spine and move into the whole of the body, energizing it.

The entire pursuit of traditional Kriya Yoga is to withdraw The Life Force (Prana) – that is engaged with the various activities of the body such as the senses and the internal organs – and to first retire it into the spine. Once Life Force Energy enters into the spine, the practitioner then begins to raise it upwards towards the higher centres in the brain. As one directs the cerebral spinal fluid upwards, the energetic juice stimulates the pineal gland and begins to move further inside. Inside the pineal gland are tiny little calcite crystals. These crystals are known to produce bioluminescence, which is a form of light without heat. By stimulating these crystals, one is able to pick up frequencies beyond the senses and to witness the inner light and sound. Then a liquid current of bliss with high healing potency begins to flow into the body sending waves of ecstasy and pleasure all over the body and to expand into the Universe. This is referred to as Soma.

Kriyashakti uses the spinal Kriya Yoga system but also acknowledges the existence of a powerful centre below our navel, approximately four fingers below the belly button and actually even lower, near our reproductive organs. That centre is considered as impure, as the storehouse of “wild” energies as they can be sensual in nature hence most traditional teachings tend to ignore or suppress energies arising from this centre. In my opinion, if managed, moderated and supervised properly, this centre can be harnessed to give faster results of effortless bliss and joy than any other practice. There are nerve endings that get stimulated there where intense energy gets rolling back into the spine, 3rd eye and the right side of the heart. Hence, the Kriyashakti practice allows inclusiveness and access of energy from the front of the body thereby aligning energy flowing from all centres.

It is not merely a psychological, emotional or intellectual system, but mainly a scientific experiential method where we have the means to generate positive electric currents in the brain and enhance the magnetic field in the spine as a living experience within us. It is this relationship that the spine, gut and reproductive organs have with the brain that will generate the energy beyond ordinary, known, human potential. The alchemy between all of these induces the Soma.

All teachings, modalities, rules and regulations, principles and understandings are all ideas and concepts. They are all ways for maya to reinforce in some way or other and create more concepts. One must not hold on to any abstract concept as a way to deliver us to Truth except what is inherently experienced as TRUTH itself, the uninterrupted and unconditioned joy of SELF which is inclusive, expansive and whole in all aspects. The Kriyashakti path, in short, uses the benefits of both Self Inquiry and Yogic Kriya in an inclusive way without the need to remove or separate ourselves from whatsoever the world brings into our realm of experience or existence.

By attuning oneself to the Grace of the Kriyashakti within us, we can learn to navigate how to dissolve past karmic seeds that create limitation. One of the biggest gifts of the ASK Teachings is the mechanism or modality of Favorable Neutrality™. As we are aware, our present situation (good or bad) is often based on our past actions/reactions/thoughts. This is the Law of Karma. Through these teachings, we can effectively alter/modify self-limiting patterns of the past to our advantage, in a scientific manner, which will be conducive for both our spiritual and worldly life.


Advaita Soma Kriyashakti teachings (ASK™) involve 5 simple steps:


Kriyashakti Affirmations (KSAs)


Dev Samarpans & Trio Mantras


Practicing Nabhi Kriya & deep breathing to activate the vagus nerve


The ASK™ program for positivity & success


Practicing Favorable Neutrality™ (FN) to reconfirm the Ultimate Truth that "Brahman is Favorableness" itself


The path of ASK™ is NOT to be mistaken to be a separate form of practice or modality but one that facilitates deeper and effective Self Inquiry. By virtue of Soma the mind is not easily distracted away outwards into objects or thoughts and remains centred within at the Spiritual Heart. Once the movement of mind is arrested through the inner flow of Soma, Amrita Nadi reveals itself. Prana or Life Force is then easily directed to the right side of the Spiritual Heart through the Amrita Nadi.

The final goal or result is absolutely similar to that laid down in the traditional ISIP method but the approach of the Soma teaching is based on the premise that the world being the reflection of the SELF, can provide absolute verification of the SELF through events and experience that are  “favorable” in the world.


Watch the following video from Satsang with Rajivji

about the essential teachings of Advaita Soma Kriyashakti (ASK™) 

Experience the Bliss of your Being. Get Initiated into Advaita Soma Kriyashakti (ASK™)

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