Transcribed from a talk on November 26, 2011

Close your eyes and relax yourself. Begin the session by taking a few deep breaths, way down into your belly, and exhaling the same outside into the cosmic universe. AHHH…..AEEEE…..AHHHH…..AEEEE…. (breathe). When you inhale, visualize that you are reenergizing your entire body, through fresh cosmic energy entering within you, through your breath and when you exhale, then you let go off all the stress and immediate concern, that you may have accumulated in your deepest memories. Keep your shoulders relaxed, face soft and posture upright. Repeat this a few times, till you feel that your body is very comfortable and steady.

Now pay attention to your breath again. As you inhale, mentally chant ‘I’ and as you exhale mentally chant ‘AM’.

Don’t force the breath inwards or outwards. Don’t control anything. Don’t analyze anything. Just let the breath flow naturally. Every time the mind wanders outwards bring the attention back to your breath and the mantra.

Do this for sometime till you are sure that your mind is relatively quiet and centered around your breath. Try to be one with your breath. When you feel that it is no longer the breath but it is you and your presence which moves inside and outside the nostrils, then it is time to move to the next step.

Drop the breath and the chant. You are only an observer of the breath and the mantra. You lie prior to them. Move just a bit inwards and locate the one who is witnessing the breath. What do you see? Look intensely and you will observe a dark void. This void is located between the front side of the body and the back side of the body. It is the space which lies within you as inner bodily sensation. Hold on to that void. Feel it, relax into it. You may feel an energy movement, particularly at the third eye, between the eyebrows. Be there.

Where you are at this moment there is neither the breath, nor thoughts, nor the world. There is only this void and you are one with it. Stay there for sometime. After you have stabilized here for sometime you can then play with the void. Make it your playground. Move into the void sometimes or allow the void to sink into you. Move into the silence of the void or allow the silence of the void to move into you. Become one with the void. When you feel that that this void is all that there is, then move to the last step.

It is time to move more inward from this void and find yourself falling back into a bigger void. The bigger void is first felt where the back portion of your body ends, where the boundary of your body is also felt and then left behind. The bigger void is limitless; it is timeless. It cannot be captured within this body. Sink into that. Allow yourself to fall into it completely.

Allow the breath, the energies, the void, the body, the space, and everything you have ever known about yourself to disintegrate into it. The big void swallows everything that is known or experienced by you. YOU ARE THAT BIG VOID. Rest there as the all encompassing, all pervading Consciousness.

Stay for a long time as that blissful, changeless reality.

~ Rajiv Kapur

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