Transcribed from a talk on October 23, 2011

If there is one such fact that constantly bothers us like nothing else does, it is the state of uncertainty where we do not know what is going to happen to us in the future. Whether it is regarding my business, my finances, my health, my relationship or even my spiritual states. I am constantly looking for a sense of security so that I don’t have to face the fear of an unknown future. I want to be in control of events and hence plan my life according to a desired outcome. All my life I am busy to push the unknown away from me and to ground myself in a position where I am so sure of everything. I chase a state of complete surety and knowingness.

But seldom does it turn out that way. I plan something and something else takes place and then the memory of past failures intensifies the fear and triggers a series of movements within my thoughts and emotions. This constant movement, chasing, searching results in a greed to know more and more because I believe the more I know, the better will be my prospect to survive in this world. I start to depend on knowing as much as I possibly can. My life then revolves around the greed for the known and the fear of the unknown and that is the reason I am unhappy. I am chasing a ‘friend’ who has the reputation of being a deceiver.

The known is a treacherous ‘friend’. You can never trust it. It comes without your asking as birth and leaves you without prior intimation as death. Everything that you have cherished through your knowingness is turned to dust when it leaves you. The unknown on the other hand stands the test of true friendship. You come from an unknown source and merge into it again on death. The unknown is there next to you right at the start of your journey and is there at the very end to receive you too. You fail to recognize who truly belongs to you, who is truly loyal to you and that is why life becomes a struggle.

But, what you don’t understand is that although knowingness is the foundation for all accomplishment and appears before any achievement, what precedes such knowingness is the unknown itself! The unknown is the origin, the foundation for every knowingness.

So, can we therefore reverse the process and proceed from knowing to unknowing rather than holding on and accumulating various knowings? Can you welcome the unknown in your lives? Which means not caring for opinions, neither your own, nor of others; which means letting go of the ‘controller’ in you; which means being comfortable knowing less and less of what this world offers to you in terms of wealth, health, money, job, business, security, love, relationships. You need not reject what consciousness brings you – success, security, relationships… you only need to be indifferent to them. You only need to pay less and less attention to them. It doesn’t matter if they are and it doesn’t matter if they aren’t. You neither rejoice in their appearance nor become sad when they disappear. If you can do that from the deepest core of your heart then you are automatically melting into the unknown. The blessing it will bestow on you cannot be described. So make friends with the unknown and it will reveal itself as the ever free and blissful SELF.

~ Rajiv Kapur

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