Power of the Supreme Mind

Commentary on the Siva Sankalpa Suktam
by Rajiv Kapur

This book is about the power of the mind. Not the power of the ordinary mind, but that of the Supreme mind. Within it’s pages Rajivji clearly describes the functioning of the mind, and how an ordinary mind can be transformed into an extremely powerful and potent “Supreme Mind”. The content of the book is based on the Siva Sankalpa Suktam section of six verses that come from the most ancient scripture known to mankind – the Rig Veda.

Suktam means hymns or verses in the praise of God, or Guru or any Deity. But here in these verses, the praise is of the Mind – that mind which can attain anything through will, intention or sankalpa. Siva is also added to the title. It means that the desire or intention of the mind must be backed by right intention. When the intentions are Siva-like, which means focused, meditative, benevolent, all-inclusive, and yet with a sense of detatchment, then the resolve (intention), or sankalpa becomes powerful, and auspicious. Combination keys are given by Rajivji within the text so that we can open up the hidden treasures within us that allow the supreme power that lies withinin the mind of each of us to manifest.

May your mind every dwell upon auspicious thoughts!

Download Power of the Supreme Mind by Rajiv Kapur

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