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“Your current situation, good or bad,
is nothing other than a solidified version of
your own past reactions.
Allow me to walk you, step by step,

through the process of Kriyashakti,
on the journey from the perceived limitation
of your past …
Into the future you choose to create”

~ Rajivji Kapur






 ​The ASK™ Online Sangha is a spiritual community of like-minded spiritual aspirants from around the world who are devoted to the teachings of Rajivji Kapur

Benefits of ASK™ Online Sangha Membership

Download Hundreds of Satsang Files

Watch, listen, and download hundreds of hours of Satsangs with inspiring talks, powerful meditations, and deep wisdom. The collection continues to grow as new Satsangs are recorded.

Advanced Soma Kriyashakti Practices

Learn Kriyas, Mantras, and other advanced meditation techniques taught by Rajivji including revolutionary Soma Kriyashakti practices to help further your spiritual and material development.

Partnership for Spiritual Growth

Once you become an ASK™ member, you enter into a spiritual partnership with Rajivji and your Mentor. Freely contact him/her with questions about your practice and know that you have a powerful ally on your spiritual path.

Live Online Satsangs

Online Satsangs occur on a biweekly basis and are a special opportunity to join the ASK Online Sangha and Rajivji for Satsang.  Online Satsangs with Rajivji are your time to connect with Rajivji, the Sangha, and the teachings.

Caring Community

Join members from around the world who share your devotion and dedication to spirituality and Rajivji’s teachings.

Online Sangha Membership will help you to explore and discover your True Nature, as well as help you find a healthy balance in your daily life. You will discover through the ASK™ practices that your mind is a precious gift that will effortlessly sink into the SELF, while at the same time it helps you to navigate through life with skills you did not realize you had residing deep within.

On joining the ASK™ Online Sangha, you will have immediate access to the more advanced practices and guided meditations as well as access to personal guidance from Rajivji, online Satsangs, priority for private one-on-one video conferences, access to all past Satsang videos, and more.

As an ASK™ member you have the opportunity to join online Satsangs with Rajivji and the ASK™ Sangha. Online Satsangs occur biweekly on Saturdays 7-8PM IST. 

Rajivji encourages members to join the online Satsangs but if you are unable to do so for any reason you can watch the Satsang videos which are normally posted on the current year’s online Satsang page within a day or two after the online Satsang.

  ASK™ Online Sangha Membership is Open

For those interested in a FREE Online Kriya Yoga Initiation &/or Membership to the ASK™ Online Sangha,

Write to the general Sangha email address :
Or email Rajivji directly : 

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