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Online Satsang Information

This section provides you with all the information you need to log onto the Zoom meeting program and join Online Satsang with Rajivji and the ISIP Sangha 

Basic Information

Satsangs occur every other Saturday at 7:00 PM IST. The date for the next satsang is always available and listed on the website.  A reminder email is also sent to members a few days prior to each satsang. The sangha uses the Zoom meeting program to facilitate Online Satsangs. Instructions on how to use Zoom are provided in the following sections. When you enter into the Zoom room for satsang ensure that distractions like cellphones and TVs are silenced.  Finally, please try to arrive on time.  Arriving late can cause interruptions to the flow of the satsang.

When to Arrive: Please try to arrive 10-15 minutes before satsang begins. Rajivji likes to greet each member before satsang, and this will also ensure that you are on time. Important bits of advice and interesting stories are often shared that are not recorded during this time as well.

How to Join: You may join the Online Satsang from a PC, Mac, iOS or Android device or smartphone or landline telephone. Please only use the provided link for the designated satsang time. A Zoom test room link is provided in the following section so you can test your audio/vido for satsang.

Zoom Room for Online Satsangs:

Installing Zoom

Download Zoom​

You can join Online Satsang using any computer or mobile device including iPads, Tablets, iPhones, Androids, etc.  You can also join by regular telephone, although any telephone charges will be your responsibility. These same instructions for setting up and using Zoom also apply for those who are metting Rajivji for one-on-ones.

Before the Satsang you can use our Test Meeting Room below to automatically initiate the download of Zoom and also to test your audio and video settings. This test meeting room is open at all times if you would like to automatically get the Zoom App installation and also check your audio and video settings out before Satsang. 

Test Meeting Room:  

To test your audio and video enter the test meeting room above and go to the white ^ beside the microphone icon at the bottom left corner of the meeting room window and ensure the correct ‘microphone’ and ‘speaker’ that you are using are selected.  Use the “Audio Options…” link to test your device and make sure your audio and mic are working properly. More detailed instructions for setting up Zoom are in the following section.

Setting up Zoom

Entering the Satsang Meeting Room: When you enter the Satsang room look at the bottom of the Zoom window to see the control bar and the various icons for the controls (see the image below). If you do not see the control bar, it is “hidden” so move your mouse over that area to make it appear.


Once you see the control bar 
look at the bottom left corner for the audio options and you will see one of two icons appear for the audio. If your audio is connected, you should see the microphone icon with a red slash through it (this means the mic is muted).

If you instead see a little headset with a green arrow and “Join Audio” like the image below, your audio is NOT connected so that is the first problem that needs to be resolved.

Note: I will discuss other possible audio problems that can occur when your audio is connected below so please review all the information below so that you understand how Zoom’s audio settings work.


​If your audio is not showing as being connected do the following:

1. Click on the Join Audio icon which will give you a new popup window (see the image below).  First,  check the box for “Automatically join audio by computer when joining a meeting” (see red circle) and then click the green “Join Audio by Computer” button.


Doing this will connect your audio and your control bar should now show the microphone icon with the red slash through it.  Next, you need to test your audio to make sure it is working properly as the Satsang room may be sitting silent and you will not know if your audio is working or not. Now go to #2 below.

2. Once you can see the microphone icon on the control bar, you will see a small white arrow next to it… click on this arrow to make sure your correct audio devices are showing (microphone and speaker/headset/earbuds).  See image below… you will see a check mark by the audio device that Zoom is using for you.  If this is not the correct device, choose the correct one from the devices offered.  Once you have selected your Microphone and Speaker (headset, earbuds) you need to test them so select the bottom option “Audio Options…”  and go to #3 below.



 When you select “Audio Options…” (see #2) you will get a window that should look like the one below.  Click on the blue text that is below the red button for Test Computer Audio and go to #4 below.


4. Once you click on “Test Computer Audio” (see #3) you will get a small control window for your audio to test both your Speaker and Microphone set up.  See the image below. 

First, check off all the boxes showing at the bottom of the window as these are good default settings to use.

Second, make sure that your correct device shows in the drop down menu for the Speaker and the Microphone.  

Third, click on the button for “Test Speaker” and you should hear the test sound.  Adjust your volume as necessary.

Fourth, test your microphone — BUT please make sure the red slash shows on your microphone icon on the control bar before doing this or the whole Satsang will hear you!  Once you confirm your microphone is muted, then speak into your headset mic or computer mic and there should be green bars showing you your volume level.

NOTE: Some headset microphones have a mute button either on the cord, or on the side of one of the earphones. If you have microphone problems, check to make sure you do not have your headset muted.

Finally, once you are happy that everything is working properly, close out the audio test window and return to the Satsang.



IMPORTANT:  Do this first… this resolves most problems setting up Zoom… shutdown or restart your computer completely before the Satsang. Before you turn on your computer, make sure your headset or earbuds are connected to your computer before you turn it back on. If your headset or earbuds are not connected, they may not be recognized by your operating system or by Zoom when you do plug them in.

If there seems to be a problem with your audio, please check to make sure that the headset model or speaker you are using shows as the default device. And the same thing for your microphone.

If you are experiencing problems connecting with the Zoom meeting room, you can ‘Submit a Request’ to Zoom Support Center

System Requirements: 
Check to see if your computer, phone, or tablet meet the correct system requirements to operate Zoom.

Zoom Support Center:
The Zoom Support Center offers quick feedback through email to questions and complaints about the program.

Known issues if you are having a problem:
Several known issues exist within Zoom, check here to see if you are experiencing any of them.

If issues persist and you are still having trouble using Zoom to access online satsangs please contact the Webmaster and they will assist you.

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