What is The Implosive Self-Inquiry Protocol™ (ISIP)?

“Many point to the Truth, but not many show how to get there. ISIP is the how.”

 Rajiv Kapur

ISIP — the Implosive Self-Inquiry Protocol™​ —  is a unique protocol for spiritual seekers that empowers the traditional method of Self-Inquiry in order to facilitate a deeper and more effective understanding of the SELF


ISIP consists of three main practices known as The CBA



Moving and retiring the life-force inwards and upwards using Kriya yoga, and Self-Inquiry practices that energize and purify consciousness


Process of identifying and healing the latent tendencies and vasanas that cause suffering in life


When the Churning and Burning practices begin to support the sadhaka in every aspect of his spiritual and material life, it becomes Affirming

These three steps are designed in a systematic, scientific and structured manner to make abidance in SELF a permanent and effortless reality. ​They employ a few effective Kriya Yoga and Tantra techniques to allow the full depth of Self-Inquiry to become possible. Knowing this prepares seekers to dive deeply into the SELF through the “Who am I?” method of inquiry prescribed by Sri Ramana Maharishi.

In order to fully understand and successfully practice ISIP, it’s best to understand the principle of Vasanas and to read further about The CBA.

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