The Implosive Self-Inquiry Protocol™


Drawing on his many years with traditional spiritual teachers, and direct experience with the deepest layers of consciousness, Rajivji has developed a simple, direct, yet profound practice called the Implosive Self-Inquiry Protocol™ 

After trials and discoveries from years of devoted practice under traditional teachers, Rajivji concluded the most effective way to achieve results in this mordern age is to combine the essential practices of Advaita, Kriya, and Bhakti paths. The combination of these paths was organized by Rajivji into the Implosive Self-Inquiry Protocol™ (ISIP) in order to fully realize the depth of inner spiritual truth while reaching outer success in the world


ISIP uses practices rooted in Self-Inqury as taught by Sri Ramana Maharishi. Self-Inquiry practices allow the student to inquire into and develop an intellectual understanding of the “Witnesser”, and eventually arrive at the nondual subject “I” behind all experiences. This helps students to discern between the changeless subject and the temporary objects of the world.


Kriya Yoga

In ISIP scientific breathing techniques are used to energize and purify consciousness. Kriya practices allow students of ISIP to experience the nature of the Witnesser by retiring the prana and mind back into the source from which they came. Through Kriya practices the nondual awareness discerned through Self-Inquiry is revealed as the experience of Sat-Chit-Ananda.



The deep healing of Bhakti practices is used in ISIP to allow for a full expansion of consciousness through the Grace of Divine Mother. ISIP uses mantras to invoke the presence of the Divine Mother to heal vasanas and roadblocks on our path. The devotional practices of Bhakti allow for expansion and healing that compliment the practices of Self-Inquiry and Kriya. 

ISIP is unique in the way it weaves the essence of Kriya, Advaita, and Bhakti traditions to create a balanced practice for the modern mind.  Rajiv’s deep insights and loving Heart show through in the teachings to create a truly transformational spiritual practice: The Implosive Self-Inquiry Protocol™

ISIP principles and practices empower you to unify your spiritual and worldly life. The teachings become your toolbox for navigating the complexities and challenges of daily life, and help cultivate the ever present Joy within you.

The basic practices and principles are freely provided by Rajivji to all seekers. However, due to their powerful nature, those who wish to learn the more advanced practices must contact Rajivji or register for the ISIP Sangha.

By registering for the ISIP Sangha, you have the opportunity to enter into a spiritual partnership with Rajivji. Once registered, you gain access to extensive materials including hundreds of hours of videos, live Satsang, and the supportive and loving community of the ISIP Sangha.

Learn more about what makes ISIP different, and how it can transform your practice.

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