Guided Meditations

Browse a library of Rajivji's guided meditations taken from satsangs and retreats

“Do not identify with the problem; know that the problem is the identification.”

Rajiv Kapur

Kriya Yoga - Unblock the 4 Chakras for Favorableness (26 mins)
ASK™ - Favorable Unknown (24 mins)
ASK™ - What the World Holds for You Depends on the Kinds of Neurons You Hold (20 mins)
Kriya Yoga - Soma Kriya: A Simple Technique to Stimulate Divine Nectar (26 mins)
Self-Inquiry - Meditation on the Unmanifest Void (34 mins)
Self-Inquiry - Scientific Method of Self-Inquiry (Step-by-Step) (39 mins)
ASK™ - Dechemicalization of the Brain, SOMAcalization of the Heart - A Meditation (28 mins)
ASK™ - Shifting the Image at Third Eye (16 mins)
ASK™ - Guided Meditation on Favorable Neutrality (28 mins)
ASK™ - Guided Meditation on the Application of the 6 ASK™ Steps (35 mins)
ASK™ - Move Deeper and Deeper Inwards and Seek the Jewels of your Being (29 mins)
Kriya Yoga ~ Being Truly Authentic to Self - A Guided Meditation (25 mins)
Kriya Yoga ~ The Magical Path to Experiential Awakening (26 mins)
ASK™ ~ Guru Poornima Meditation 2020 (29 mins)
Self-Inquiry ~ I Love I Meditation (13 mins)
Self-Inquiry ~ Opening the 3rd Eye - A Powerful Guided Meditation (1 hour 5 mins)
Self-Inquiry ~ Come! Follow Me to the Depth of your Being - An Advaitic Guided Meditation (39 mins)
Self-Inquiry ~ Mindless Mind, Still Body Meditation (20 mins)
Self-Inquiry ~ Daily Self-Inquiry Meditation (15 mins)
ASK™ ~ Soma Healing Meditation (14 mins)
More Meditations Coming Soon…
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