Taken from Satsang April 2012

Today I will provide some insight into the ‘I AM’ meditation, how to approach it and how to make it effective in formal sitting meditation.

The first thing to understand is to be very clear about the goal of ‘I AM’ meditation. The goal is to retire the entire life force or prana back into the source from where it has arisen. It is the heart from where the entire universe manifests. One way is to keep holding on to the sense of I AM, and if attention goes to any thought or object then to ask the question, “To whom has this arisen?” and this leads us directly to the source. Slowly, but surely, the entire manifested life force will eventually finds its way back into the point of origin through such repeated enquiry.

Another way is to make use of will power to withdraw the life force away from all the senses, thoughts and direct them upwards into the third eye at a point between the eyebrows. Bringing them together at that point will reenergize our brain cells for deeper states of consciousness. It is not necessary to make use of breath or pranayama for that. Just a simple command and use of will power will help to withdraw attention from our senses and center that to the third eye.

The second step of this guided meditation is to silence the brain itself. Energized brain cells keep thoughts away and so excess energy is then made available, which was earlier dissipated and wasted in various thought forms. Gradually the brain starts to remain in a state of suspended animation and the entire energy is then redirected downwards into the Spiritual heart through will.

Having explained the theory, let’s start with the practice.

Keep your shoulders relaxed, face soft and posture upright. Mentally scrutinize your entire body. See if any body part is tensed. Through will, command that body part to relax. Don’t be in a hurry. Take some time to completely relax yourself. See if your breath is slow and peaceful. Allow your breath to follow a good steady rhythm.
Now, mentally affirm to yourself that you will direct your entire life force at a single point between the eyebrows. Suck your eyes a bit inwards and you will instantly feel a slight tension at a point between the eyebrows. Through will, you are directing life force away from the senses and placing them at that point. Every time your mind travels to some thought or other object pull your eyes slightly within and focus attention at the third eye. Take care not to strain your eyes too much. Be gentle.

Now look within your head. What does it contain? What do you see inside your head? Pull your eyeballs within and take a good look inside. Perhaps you will see some images or maybe space or maybe thoughts. Whatever you see, just command it to freeze. Imagine that whatever you are seeing is transforming into a hard block of ice. Any image, thought form, dream, and even the black space is becoming a big block of ice. Hold on to that image of rocky ice. In between release your attention. Don’t strain. Your entire brain is covered with hard ice and there is no space now for thoughts or images to appear. There is no space for even space to be there. Thoughts are now appearing outside your brain as they don’t find any space to move inside your brain. The fluidity with which thoughts, images, dreams and even space appeared is now completely restricted. You feel stupid and completely dumb. You can hear me but you can’t process anything within. The brain becomes a hard rock and transforms into a condensed form of concentrated bliss. That bliss pours on from your brain and into your eyes. You have become utterly useless, want to know nothing and do nothing. You find nothing more liberating than this.

Now, due to the intensity, heat is generated and the ice is slowly melting into liquid. The liquid dips slowly into your heart and accumulates there. It transforms into ambrosia. You consume that sweet nectar and that sends all the cells of your body into a dance in cosmic union with the beloved Divine. The brain becomes incapable of any movement of thought while the heart opens up to the Divine nectar of blissful Love.

~ Rajiv Kapur

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