Freedom|Abundance|Bandha Elimination

The FAB© system is a new, innovative and unique program of the ISIP™ Protocol which takes into account the entire spectrum of human existence.



The CBA (Churn, Burn Affirm) system forms the entire F component of the FAB© program. Through different practices, this part of the program allows us to gain freedom from the mind and help establish an effortless abidance and recognition of our true nondual state. More on the CBA component of the teaching can be found here:



The basic premise of Abundance in the FAB© program is that we can create the reality we seek, provided we have the appropriate vibratory attitude.

Through a time-tested series of self-guided meditations and steps, the vibrational field is amplified or comes into accordance, thereby attracting naturally and organically that which you request and seek from the universe.

This is called the “Upgrade mode.”

Bandha Elimination

This is perhaps the most important, yet complex and intricate component of the FAB© program. Bandha can bring about the most severe, often unconscious, form of pain and agitation in the body-mind.

Addressing all forms of addiction; toxic dependency; obsession; unconscious compulsion; habitual patterns, and so on, form this component of the FAB© system. This is usually the area where seekers, entrepreneurs, lovers and even successful people and advanced meditators can falter if not rapidly and radically addressed.

Through a unique and highly effective remedial sequence of FAB© techniques and practices, the bandha is eliminated in its entirety helping us to realize our freedom.

This is called the “Detox mode.”

Want to learn more about the FAB© teaching and the ISIP™ technique? 

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