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Retreats and satsangs are all based on the ASK program created by Rajivji which is a blend of Kriya, Advaita and Bhakti techniques and practices. In these retreats there are talks, Q-and-A sessions and specific guided meditations led by Rajivji based on his 20 years experience with traditional Masters from various authentic lineages.

Rajivji believes that it is not only about efforts, but about the correct application of techniques that provides results at minimal time. Each seeker is often stuck at different levels of understanding and experience in their journey of life. Therefore, along with a common universal program there has to be key areas that one needs to specifically target so that it is easier to achieve breakthroughs for faster results. 

Rajivji therefore directs the practitioner to a few specific combination meditations applicable to him/her, which empowers them and allows them access to those centres which are conducive for their material and spiritual growth.

​Kindly visit pages related to What is ASK?Vasanas and CBA to get a background about the ideology/functioning principles on which the ASK program is based before you decide whether you feel inclined to attend his retreats/seminars/online satsangs. 

Please feel free to get in touch with our ASK team should you need help or information about the retreats and satsangs. 
​Please also feel free also to get in touch with Rajivji should you need any help with questions regarding your spiritual journey. However, he advises seekers to go trough the enormous resources of information given on the website first before you send him an email as most questions are often addressed there. 

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