Advanced ASK™ Manifesting Program

Learn the 6-Step program to realize your hidden potential

and manifest the life you desire and deserve

For most, life is often times depicted as nothing other than old karmic debts being played out. For the majority, destiny is out of their conscious control and choices offered to make any meaningful changes to their lives seem to be very limited. Everything appears to be predestined, but that is not so at all. Life is not about resigning to our fate.

Rather, it’s to win over it and realize our true freedom within, which can be attained by manifesting the reality that we deserve yet eludes us.

The 6-Steps as laid out in the ASK™ teachings lead one to the process of burning old karma by reversing self-limiting habitual impressions; moving from negative to positive thought patterns; from feelings of lack to having real abundance; to effectively releasing blockages within the body; firmly establishing oneself in the background “I” and finally to realizing the SELF, thereby getting out of the loop of perpetual suffering.

In short, these Steps introduce us to the gift of how to best harness our hidden potentials to attain freedom and success, both in the Manifest and Unmanifest aspects of our existence.

What’s Included:

Downloadable Program

2 Videos featuring Rajivji: Instructions on the 6-Step ASK™ Manifesting Process & Powerful Guided Meditation


108 minutes of Closely Guarded Ancient Wisdom Inherited through the Blessings of Yogis and Masters of Ancient India


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