The Main Aspects of ASK™

“Many point to the Truth, but not many show how to get there. ASK is the how.”

 Rajiv Kapur

 — Advaita Soma Kriyashakti​ —



 Advaita : Realization of the non-dual unmanifest state of the Absolute consciousness through the practice of Qualified Self Inquiry

Soma : Being in the present, effortless, natural and Favourable state of pure existence

Kriyashakti : Breathing techniques to purify The Life Force to facilitate the state of Advaita

Leading to the realisation that “Brahman is ever and forever Favorable”


Most understand abidance in I AM or the sense of I-ness in terms of latching on to the feeling of ones beingness or totality of how one is feeling in the “present” moment. While this is true in situations where we are not triggered, this will not work during stressful or emotionally charged situations.

At such times, the I AM or Amness will be felt mostly as the negative emotion itself, depending on how overwhelming it is felt. Undesirable sensations felt as tension, and contractions within the body, take over the IAm feeling and ones mind is compulsively and obsessively drawn to the intensity of the emotion itself.


To arrive at the Pure I AM (as Nisargadatta Maharaj would often mention) requires one to discharge the emotional residue first and only then one can latch on to Pure being.


ASK consists of three main practices (The CBA) to diffuse emotional charge and to arrive at the background Pure I AM state.


The three main practices of ASK, below, known as The CBA



Moving and retiring the life-force inwards and upwards using Kriya yoga, and Self-Inquiry practices that energize and purify consciousness


Process of identifying and healing the latent tendencies and vasanas that cause suffering in life


When the Churning and Burning practices begin to support the sadhaka in every aspect of his spiritual and material life, it becomes Affirming

These three steps are designed in a systematic, scientific and structured manner to make abidance in SELF a permanent and effortless reality. ​They could employ a few effective Kriya Yoga techniques (Kriyashakti) to allow the full depth of Self-Inquiry to become possible or one could directly arrive at the non-dual state through the Qualified Self Inquiry Approach as given in the CBA

In order to fully understand and successfully practice ASK, it’s best to understand the principle of Vasanas and to read further about The CBA.

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