The whole of spirituality these days, especially the non-dual teachings, has been reduced to making people feel comfortable in the “present” whilst no attention is being given to what may arrive sooner than we realise.

The “present” moment, reduced to a waking-state practice, is a nuisance practice, in my opinion – if one keeps harping on that forever and hasn’t inquired deeper than “Being in the present.” It is being promoted to make us feel that all is actually well and wonderful and all we need to do is be fully present to this moment here and now. That is not true at all.

Present-moment teachings only act like a psychological band-aid over our present and future wounds. Such thinking and practices make one dumb and unintelligent after some time.

Many non-dual practitioners are extremely lazy, lethargic and inactive. And besides that, the present-moment offers no solution to those who are experiencing real pain and suffering in their lives.

Try imparting this piece of “wisdom” to someone who’s suffering or in pain or dying. He will likely wish to kill you first before he is gone!

To me, preparing to meet death is as important as preparing to meet my day-to-day life. Who knows when death will knock at my door?

Death is a subject that most Gurus/Teachers refrain from addressing. Except for Gurus from a few Buddhist traditions and schools of Tantra in India, the process of death is not openly addressed or disclosed. 

“Awareness of death is the very bedrock of the path. Until you have developed this awareness, all other practices are useless,” says The Dalai Lama.

Being in the “here and now” (of the waking-state) is just a step. It is NOT the goal.
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