Consciousness and Awakening

Transcribed from a talk in October 2011

 What is the relationship between Consciousness and Awakening? When we define Consciousness the general acceptable definition is that it is a state of being aware. The awareness of my thoughts, my emotions, my dreams, my desires and my aspirations, they all make me feel that I am conscious. The various experiences, the scaffoldings the knowledge, the knowingness, the name and form that I inherit from this world interpreted through the medium of my mind again reconfirms my being a conscious being.

So whatever is projected by my mind through its relationship with this world is defined by most as Consciousness. Such a definition may be popular but is not necessarily true because it assumes that Consciousness is dependent on the existence of this mind and the world that we live in. But it is not so. In sleep the mind is held in abeyance and is suspended, yet we can remain perfectly conscious. It is a different thing that we have forgotten that part on waking up from sleep. The absence of memory doesn’t mean that there is an absence of consciousness, yet we conclude that we are unconscious in sleep. It is an incorrect assumption. If we can observe more deeply and are open to exploring deeper than what our minds perceive or tell us we can remain conscious even when the mind is absent.

So, if we want to know Consciousness in its totality we must first reject, completely reject this popular and most acceptable definition and be able to explore deeper than what this waking state lays in front of me. The waking state is NOT the totality but only a small fragment of the term Consciousness. When you transcend the waking state part of Consciousness a whole new reality emerges. That reality is called awakening. This is the relationship between the two.

To awaken means to know the totality of Consciousness which you can know only when you experience your deep sleep and beyond state. Most don’t awaken from sleep, they simply arise. They only arise from bed. Therefore to truly awaken, get to know what real Consciousness is, which means get to know the reality which remains hidden in the darkness you perceive when you fall into slumber. Meditation is the only way to do that.

~ Rajiv Kapur

Awakening is Just a Recognition Away

Today’s spirituality has almost become a market place. So many teachers have so many things to offer. A seeker is confused due to so many offerings. What has he to do? There are so many conceptual teachings available today which may all be good and valid but often contradict each other. It is not unusual for a seeker to try out something new as soon as he feels he is not “getting” anywhere with the earlier practice. There is an element of anxiety to “get it all done” as soon as possible.

Such anxiousness, panic and greed to “reach” has blinded us so much that we fail to see that every moment offers us an awakening already. Every moment of recognition of still awareness is a moment into awakening. Every delay of such recognition is to deny awakening. So on the one hand we have the habit-enforced state of forgetfulness while on the other we have a remembrance of our true state.

When the senses move towards the movement of the mind it is a state of forgetfulness (of my true ever blissful nature) and when the senses move towards recognizing that still awareness which is ever present, it is a state of remembrance and awakening. In simple words the journey towards such recognition away from habit-enforced forgetfulness, sums up the entire pursuit of Self-realization. Really, it is just about taking that one step into recognition for forgetfulness to disappear.

This first results in the disconnection of the senses from mind-related movement. The relationship between senses and mind breaks as the senses start to acknowledge a background state of still and joyous awareness. The senses prefer to stay there and start disregarding the commands given by the mind. As this deepens, the senses and the pranas shaktis (life force) start to melt into each other and with this emerges an inner sixth sense (INTUITION). It is this sixth sense which perceives the SELF. Masters who say that the SELF cannot be known are obviously not wrong. What they mean to say is that the SELF cannot be known like an ordinary knowing – through our 5 senses (which can only provide knowledge of the world). The SELF is perceived and known as the ever new joy through this intuitive sixth sense.

~ Rajiv Kapur

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