Month: March 2020

Seeing is Becoming

Taken from online satsang Decemeber 20, 2010 Before I start with the main central point of my talk, I want to go through briefly those four steps, or the stages of Self-inquiry which I had given in my last Satsang. The first one was acceptance. Acceptance of your...

How to Drop the Ego

Transcribed & edited from a talk given at the Lonavla Retreat on February 18, 2012 R (Rajivji): Thank you for being here and sharing with me – joy – that we all are. I have some good news and some bad news. The good news is that we are already the Self! There is...

Guided Meditation on ‘I-AM’

Taken from Satsang April 2012 Today I will provide some insight into the ‘I AM’ meditation, how to approach it and how to make it effective in formal sitting meditation. The first thing to understand is to be very clear about the goal of ‘I AM’ meditation. The goal is...

Consciousness and Awakening

Transcribed from a talk in October 2011  What is the relationship between Consciousness and Awakening? When we define Consciousness the general acceptable definition is that it is a state of being aware. The awareness of my thoughts, my emotions, my dreams, my desires...

Awakening is Just a Recognition Away

Today’s spirituality has almost become a market place. So many teachers have so many things to offer. A seeker is confused due to so many offerings. What has he to do? There are so many conceptual teachings available today which may all be good and valid but often...

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