2017 Online Satsang Files

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The 3 Messages of Maa Kali ~ December 23, 2017
Q&A on RRPGM and Vasanas ~ December 9, 2017
RRPGM: 5-Steps to Eliminating Vasanas ~ November 25, 2017
From Being Empty to Being LOVE ~ November 11, 2017
4-Steps to Spiritualizing Desires ~ October 28, 2017
The Importance of Seva in Sadhana ~ October 14, 2017
Kriya and Advaita: Experience vs Understanding ~ September 30, 2017
The Necessity of Kriya Yoga in ISIP ~ September 16, 2017
Divya Shakti Dhyaan ~ September 2, 2017

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10 Steps to Practice Divya Shakti Dhyaan 

1. Breathe thru Mooladhar
2. Breathe thru Svadisthan
3. Offer Shakti mantras at Svadisthan
4. Offer attention to the red flame at Nabhi
5. Offer attention to the blue flame at Heart
6. Offer attention to the colorless flame at 3rd eye
7. Feeling the shushmna (middle channel) at the spine
8. Take a deep breath into shushmna, holding it up at 3rd eye and moving the neck forward touching the chest (while holding the breath). Release the breath as you bring the neck again to original position. Repeat this a few times according to your capacity. 
9. Keep eyes open without blinking and observe the space around and then close them to witness the inner space. Repeat this a few times. 
10. Finally rub your hands and gently place them over the face. 



The Power of Kechari Mudra ~ August 19, 2017
What is Sat-Chit-Ananda ~ August 5, 2017
The Importance of Shaktism and Introduction to Bija Mantras ~ July 22, 2017
Faki Baaz - Celebrating Guru Poornima 2017 ~ July 6, 2017
The Three Paths of Purification ~ June 3, 2017
Advanced Meditation on the I-Am ~ May 20, 2017
Seeing God in Others ~ May 6, 2017
Two Vedantic Truthes For Quick Self-Realization with the Least Effort ~ April 22, 2017
From Bodilessness to Godliness ~ April 8, 2017
The Languages of I-Am Consciousness (Recorded From Live Satsang during LA Retreat) ~ March 14, 2017
How to Preform 108 Kriya Pranayamas in One Sitting with Ease ~ Feburary 25, 2017
The 3A's Part Two: Attachment and Avoidance & The Inner Hygiene Meditation ~ Feburary 11, 2017
The 3A's Part One: Arrogant? Me? ~ January 28, 2017
Can Awareness Alone Help Me Get Rid of Depression and Worries? ~ January 14, 2017
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