Meeting Rajivji

It has been more than a year that I closed down the ISIP online membership and online private “one-on-ones”, and not a week has gone by where I am not asked about reopening it for public and inviting new members.

After all it looks like a win-win situation for all. I will get more money either through membership fees or online privates and many of those living far away from me will get the benefit of knowledge sitting at the comfort of their house. But I have different take on this. I have always gently turned them down and apologized for my unavailability for the same. To some it may appear I am being arrogant or not interested in helping new aspirants. That is not true and I wished to offer some clarification on that.

First of all, I am not interested in making more money just for that sake. “Money only for self is money for none” is the principle on which I run my program. I am 100% committed to success and abundance in all forms for myself and my students and that includes generating wealth but I am not money minded.

Secondly, after having worked through online satsangs with my present group, I realized it is difficult for any new member to adjust to the group as we have moved far ahead in our process. To bring in a new member with the present group will only disturb and agitate and not serve the best interest of anyone. Yes I could have a group only for new aspirants and introduce them the principles of my teachings but honestly that takes a lot of my time and energy. I work closely with all my students one on one and that is taking a lot of time already.

The ISIP Mentorship Program

The best solution (at the moment) was that I ask few of my students (ISIP mentors) to take on the work of introducing the ISIP way to those who wish to know the teachings closely OR those desirous come and visit me personally here at Shameerpet, Hyderabad.

For a deeply committed worshiper of truth, I would love to meet and devote my time to you. There will be no joy greater than spending time together talking about our inner world, challenges, the shifts, experiences, newer invitations to creation and abundance, navigating through sticky bandha vasanas, etc. in this beautiful serene Shameerpet resort in mutual SELF presence.

Please provide a clear window of 3 months before planning a visit.


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